2022/2023 Dormitory Fire Drill Schedule

1)For 2022/2023 academic year student dormitory fire safety drills timetable
In accordance with Article 23: 6 of the Student Dormitory Management Measures: "Those who have not participated in the fire safety drills held by the school once in each academic year shall apply for withdrawal." In order to maintain the property safety of the dormitories and improve students’fire disaster handling ability, all the resident students should choose to participate one of the drills in the 2022/2023 academic year and complete the training record.

2)Please arrive and check in within 10 minutes after the start of each session. Overtime will not be accepted.

3)To help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and protect the health of faculty and students, we ask that students cooperate with epidemic prevention regulations set by the Ministry of Education and the University. When attending an in-person safety drill, please take temperature, register name and contact-info, wear a face-mask at all times, maintain social distancing, refrain from eating and drinking, and keep hands clean.

4)Practice Contents:
 a.Instructions for use of fire hydrant boxes, hoses, fire extinguishers, switchboards, slow landing machines and other fire safety or escape equipment and facilities, and on-site actual operations.
 b.Advocacy on the safe use of dormitory electrical appliances.
 c.Dormitory self-defense fire marshalling drill.
 d.Other fire safety promotion matters.

5)Online fire safety drills website: https://housing.ntu.edu.tw/. Only bachelor students of and above the third grade and graduate students of and above the second grade are qualified for online course. Other residents, including high-grade students who reside for their first semester, have to attend the physical drills. Completion conditions are: reading time of more than 10 minutes and test score of 100 points. The system for this academic year is open until July 3, 2023. Please complete the course within the deadline.
For any inquiries regarding online safety drills, please contact us (admdorm@ntu.edu.tw)

2022/2023 Academic Year Student Dormitory Fire Drill Schedule
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